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Jason Leverton | General Manager

Jason was Metcraft's first employee back in 1997. Since then, he's helped Metcraft grow from its humble quarters in Bob Metcalf's garage into a state-of-the-art manufacturing company with two spacious buildings.

An LA native, Jason spends just about all of his free time with his family, and is really happy that his wife also works at Metcraft. (see Julie Leverton)

Julie Leverton | Office Manager

Invariably upbeat, Julie enjoys the variety that comes with being in contact with customers, vendors and employees on a daily (or is it hourly?) basis. She recently completed a thorough upgrade of the inventory database, ideal for streamlining workflow. A photography buff and animal lover, Julie is also learning how to play the piano. So far her repertoire consists of just one song but she plays it really, really well.

Danny Frolka | Pattern Maker

Danny is a master at the art of designing and hand making patterns and molds for Metcraft products. He makes sure that a new idea can be brought to life because he builds one (or sometimes several) prototypes before a product goes into production. Danny is always looking for ways to design and make the best parts possible.

Manufacturing must be in his blood because Danny is a fourth generation machinist. He's a native of Michigan and his family owns a nostalgic dragster which they race competitively.

Kim Guevara | Warranty Specialist

It's Kim's mission to make sure Metcraft customers get the right products, in the right condition. If there's a warranty problem, she's the person to call. She inputs sales orders, handles invoicing and generally makes sure clients are happy. She loves her work and we're glad she's on our team. And when you talk to her, ask her about her favorite team, the Dodgers. Kim is also a full time student, on her way to a degree in sociology.

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